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Where to put bags to have your closet ordered

Good question! Where do you put bags when you make the closet arrangement?

Everybody knows that ordering bags that each of us owns has become an essential need.

In addition, there are some tricks to keep them always in order and at hand for days in which you decide to change this accessory at the last minute.

Therefore, let’s see some ideas to knows where to put bags.

The fastest choice: shelves and drawers

To understand where to put bags, the first thing you need to do is to check the effective space you have in your closet.

One of the most comfortable choices is that of choosing shelves, possibly square, and dedicated drawers.

In the first case, you can put in every square one or more bags according to the types.

By doing this bags will always be ordinated and when you need to choose the one you want to wear they will be in plain sight and at hand.

Another option is to use a specific drawer just for bags.

You will be able to put them in order inside and, also here, you will always have them in plain sight for choosing the more suitable bag for your look of the day.

If you have a lot of space you may also share them according to seasons, and using a drawer for those with winter and autumn colors and another drawer for those with spring and summer colors.

Where to put bags: all in order behind the door

Another option to know where to put your bags could be that of taking hooks and put them behind the door of your room or on the closet doors.

So, you could put some hooks behind your closet doors and hang up your bags.

Also here, you will always have your bags in plain sight and you can match them to your outfit of the day.

A similar alternative is to use some hang bags (some kind of hangers) and put them behind the door of your room.

Also in this case, like in the closet, bags will be in a hidden spot, and to choose the right one simply look at it behind the door of your room.

By doing this, you will always be spoilt for choice.

Either way, you always have your room in order without having bags lying around that make a mess all over the house.

Moreover, on the market, you can buy circular crutches that combine the practical factor also a design point of you.

Using them together with some hooks you can hang your bags up, especially the shoulder ones, all of them in the same hanger.

Cloth closet or plastic containers?

If the space to put your bags is not enough, you may use a small cloth closet and put it in another room or in a space that you prefer. 

These kinds of closet have often some pockets inside to better organize products that are placed inside.

However, a practical system, even though it is less of design, is to use some plastic boxes that are measurable with the closet. 

Inside you can put bags and then put them on a shelf.

Less classy but very practical.

About the closet, you can also buy shelf dividers and using the space you already have in your closet.

Usually, it is a solution that is used in offices and it is very functional.

By doing this, bags will not be in contact with other objects, you can keep them in their protection bag and they will be protected from thermal shock.

So, now you know some options that you can apply when you need to order your bags in your closet.

And you? How do you order your bags in your closet?

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