The Story

For me create means dreaming

When I find myself with an item or an accessory, my mind travels to creating a perfect outfit, getting ready for the day or just suggesting an outfit to a friend for a special event. I get excited, my eyes shine and I am thrilled when I think about beauty and fashion. It changes my mood.


“Women can turn every single moment into a special occasion”

If you have ever been in front of a shop window and dreamed about its items you know what I’m referring to; your heart asks: “What’s new? What’s good for me”? You see “things” and starting dreaming about what you can create, what you can do with that dress on you, where you can wear it to…it’s a pleasant and unmatched journey.

My name is Elizabeth Maria and I was born in the seventies in a small village of the Domenican Republic.As the fourth daughter of six children in a humble family, I remember with affection that our dolls were old and used, contrary to our friends’ ones. Therefore, we had to settle for the hairless and cheapest dolls. But I was lucky beacause a neighbour of us was a dressmaker, so with his cloth remnants I could create dresses for our dolls.

I had everything clear in my mind and I wanted more, so I moved when I was just 14 years old. I was living in Santo Domingo where I started to work as a model and shop assistant for an Italian clothes and accessory brand. I remember feeling so confident, so happy and amazed wearing those clothes that my passion and dedication made the owners promote me and give me the opportunity to grow in the fashion world.

There I met an Italian guy who made me fall in love with Italy; so I went to Italy for 6 months, which then became 12 months, then 20 years and now I’m still here, in this amazing country. I did many other experiences in the fashion world, working for Italian and French retail chains and I also went many times in the USA to study business with great american speakers.

However, there was a big frustration inside me. I wasn’t able express what I wanted to, what I knew that I could create.

And one day, by chance or maybe not, I had a flash back to when I was a child in my hometown: in fact I used to observe the nature and create things that nobody else could see: nobody was able to understand how I could do it and from time to time I was feeling different.

Therefore, I said to myself:

“Elizabeth, now it’s time to find yourself, stop pretending to be someone else and do what you like to do”

I had to find myself. So I retraced my life, my growth in fashion, the places where I worked as a teenager…make yourself comfortable, set your mobile phone silent and let me tell you a story that has its roots in my distant past. It’s born from my youth and now it’s finally blossomed.  

I have been living in Veneto since 2009 and when I visited Venice for the first time it was a magical experience. Something changed inside me. The refinement and elegance of the place won me over. In my mind I went back to the great Republic of Venice times when everyone was elegant in their bearing, like a nobility of soul that comes from the water and reflects on the looks.This inspired me to rediscover my true self and the gift that is in me. And this is the reason why I dedicated my fist creation to Venice. I devoted whole days to my creation, to its essence, walking in the streets of Venice.

Everything inspired me

I wandered like a gold seeker to find Eliem’s identity. It was when I arrived to Palazzo Moncenigo, study centre of fabric, perfume and costume, that I found what I was looking for. I understood that the bow and stern of the gondola were the essence of Eliem bags. I could already see it in my mind: the venetian-styled accessories had to be plated gold.

I also added reversibility: three luxury bags in one, for any woman that wants to change style.

Eliem’s purpose is to give strenght to women like me who fell and rise up stronger then before.

And now my creature is complete.

It’s timeless, soft and made with 67 unique pieces and 27 working hours of expert craftsmen from Riviera del Brenta, with refined leather and gold plated accessories. Double face with two different colours and internal and external double skin. The uniqueness of this product is then underlined by two design models recognized at European level, together with a patent certificate for utility model issued by the Mise of Rome. If you wear this bag, it comes to life, it takes your hand and makes you travel with your mind, from your wardrobe through the narrow streets and canals, the merchants voices, the 7 districts of Venice, the majestic Lion…

To this amazing and artistic city I dedicated my story, my commitment and my first design bag. Here you find a unique concept. I created a design that allows you to turn the bag inside out, and viceversa. The deepest feelings that come to light.

Just before I could show my dream to the world, my father passed away…and I feel sorry he couldn’t see my dream coming true.

I still have my mother, and in her honor I called my creation Agata.



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