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How to disinfect a leather bag

In this pandemic moment, as you may know, it is essential to follow the anti-covid rules, such as wearing face masks in indoor places and frequently sanitizing your hands.

But, other than this, it is also very important to keep accessories that we carry in our daily lives, such as our wallet, the smartphone, umbrella, and even our beloved leather bag, clean and hygienic, as the latter is often placed on the floor.

And to do this it’s enough to follow a series of instructions that you can discover by continuing reading this article.

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How to disinfect a leather bag

So, how do you disinfect a leather bag and all the other accessories that we use constantly on a daily basis?

All you need to do is equip yourself with sanitizing wipes, so the wipes we use to clean our hands in the absence of water and soap.

Instead, if you don’t have any of those, you can use makeup remover pads and soak them in a hygienic cleaning liquid.

And once you have one of those solutions, place the wipes or the makeup remover pads all over the bag, concentrating more on the areas that often come into contact with your hands, such as the handles and cross-body bag.

Then, wait 5 minutes for the leather to dry and then brighten it up using neutral cream polish, as the leather of a bag, as soon as it is cleaned, needs to be moisturized just like our own skin.

In addition, the application of the polish nourishes the bag, giving it more elasticity and a little protective film, so that it can be preserved for longer.

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